They Stand Beside Us




They Stand Beside Us

This book brings together the life and death stories of the 73 former pupils and staff of CRGS who were killed fighting for their country in the Second World War. The title, ‘They Stand Beside Us’ is taken from a poem written by a pupil, JK Sansom, published in The Colcestrian during WW2, for although the last of these brave men died 75 years ago, they stand beside us still. Our very way of life today, our freedom, our prosperity, were paid for with their blood, with the blood of the even more numerous wounded and with the sacrifices of those who fought but were mercifully unscathed. If these brave men — from infantryman to admiral — had not put their lives directly on the line, we could not have overcome.

Domestic P&P is £5, although orders can be collected in person from Neil Brinded, Lexden, at no extra cost. To receive books in time for Christmas, orders via the website should be made by 9th November. Neil will get in touch via email with anyone wishing to collect in person.

** This book will shortly be available on Amazon, through which international orders should be placed.**


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